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When it comes to corporate events, photography plays a key role in showcasing the spirit of the event and creating a lasting impression.
Corporate events are not just about business, but also about building relationships, networking, and creating memorable experiences.
Whether it’s a product launch, conference, award ceremony or gala dinner, as a skilled corporate event photographer I can capture the essence of the event and tell the story.
Here I’d like to explain the benefits of appointing me for your business event:

the range of my services, what you get

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As a local photographer for events, I offer personalized photo shoot services for those in Milan and surrounding areas such as Lake Garda and Como Lake, in North Italy and Switzerland.
With ample experience working with agencies, magazines, B2B information providers, companies, and press offices, thus I am well-equipped to handle diverse settings and expectations.
Unquestionably, my specialization in large-scale event photography has allowed me a thorough understanding of the needs and expectations of the participants of such special events.
As a result, being a corporate event photographer for more than 15 years in Milano, I can now ensure adequate and accurate coverage for these extraordinary events by engaging a team of highly qualified photographers and video operators.
Thanks to this strategic choice, presently I provide you with a complete and professional service, capturing every valuable moment in the event in an appreciated and memorable way.

the range of my services, what you get

Most importantly, I handle the entire photo and video shooting process and will provide a pre-event briefing.
My services have expanded to include post-event videos and interviews, which I can provide as a package deal with photographic coverage.
Moreover, I offer a range of packages to suit your needs, including half-day or full-day coverage and custom branding options.
Packages can also be tailored to include additional services such as drone photography.
From candid shots of attendees to staged portraits of keynote speakers, my team and I strive to capture every moment creatively and captivatingly.
My goal is to provide you with a collection of images that document your event and tell the story, create lasting memories, and boost your digital marketing strategies.

photography categories, what you get

In conclusion, as a corporate events photographer I offer a wide range of photography categories to cater to the diverse needs of my clients launching their products and events in Milan. Here are some.

  1. Event Coverage: This style of photography capture the event’s highlights and candid moments, thus ensuring that each aspect of the event is documented.
  2. Candid Photography: This style of photography captures people in a natural and relaxed setting. It is ideal for capturing attendees’ emotions and reactions, which helps create a more authentic representation of the event.
  3. Headshot Photography: This type of photography focuses on capturing headshots and portraits of attendees. Indeed, it is ideal for creating a more professional and polished event look.
  4. Group Shots – group photographs of attendees and stakeholders commemorate the event and capture the people who matter.
  5. Product Photography: If your event involves showcasing products, surely product photography captures detailed and high-quality shots of your products.
    In other words, this style of photography is perfect for corporate events where products are on display.
  6. Event Venue Photography: This category of photography captures the event venue in its entirety. Thus, it is perfect for showcasing the ambiance and décor of the event space.
  7. Action Photography: This style of photography is perfect for capturing the event’s activities, such as live performances, speeches, and product demonstrations. Therefore, it helps to create a visual story of the event.
  8. Post-Processing Services: unquestionably, enhance the images and ensure their quality.
    In my vision, each corporate event is unique, in essence I tailor my photography services to meet each Client’s specific needs!

Through my images, I tell the story of your event with authenticity and sensitivity

Working closely with the organizers and key players of each event, I strive to capture its most significant moments and tell its story through the most appropriate images!

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Corporate Event photography and video coverage
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Piazza Sant'Agostino,Milano,Lombardia-20100,
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Milano, North Italy, Switzerland
My photo shoot services can be tailor-made for corporate event. With a long lasting experience ranging from conferences, business private meetings, trade fairs, scientific and tech conventions, my service will include photo coverage, video footage, video interviews, and the full video and photo post-production & delivery.
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