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Gastech Exhibition

Photo and video coverage inside the landmark event in the energy industry

As a Corporate Event Photographer I was commissioned to shoot at Gastech Exhibition

As a photographer specializing in corporate events, I was commissioned to shoot a photo and video report at Gastech international exhibition.
Gastech is the largest global energy event, a landmark exhibition and conference of its kind.
With an international appeal, over 20 pavilions from various countries, over 300 CEOs, Ministers & global business leaders speaking, Gastech is the event at the heart of the energy solutions and climate technologies conversation.
With each participant bringing their distinct ideas and contributions, the event embodied the power of collaboration in the business world. 

Here I was appointed by one of the major global players in the energy market to follow the day-by-day event from their workstations.
With non-pressing candid photography, my approach focused on unobtrusive, real-time documentation.
By embedding myself in their work environment, I gained a deeper understanding of their corporate culture and values.
That allowed me to capture the essence of the moments as they unfolded.

I had the opportunity to set headshot sessions on the fly and get video coverages.
I set off on a creative journey to tell this compelling story through images and motion.
This immersive process ultimately produced a rich and powerful visual narrative.
This is the kind of corporate assignment I feel at ease with and love the most!

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I could set a very simple on the go headshot sessions:

Through our images, we tell the story of your event with authenticity and sensitivity

Working closely with the organizers and key players of each event, I strive to capture its most significant moments and tell its story through the most appropriate images!

My specialization in large-scale event photography has allowed me a thorough understanding of the needs and expectations of the participants of such special events.
As a result, I can now ensure adequate and accurate coverage for these extraordinary events by engaging a team of highly qualified photographers and video operators.
Thanks to this strategic choice, I provide you with a complete and professional service, capturing every valuable moment in the event in an appreciated and memorable way.

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